Our AMERICAN MADE Fauxwood Blinds are the best quality available.  Each of our fabricators use a quality ALUMINUM HEADRAIL which prevents the sagging you may have seen from the Chinese version.  Our VANE materials are UV protected, so they will not crack, peel, or discolor like the Chinese version.  Also, Fauxwood Blinds are extremely durable, extremely energy efficient, and very easy to clean with just about any non-abrasive household cleaner.   Fauxwood Blinds are available in 2" Vanes,  2 1/2 inch Vanes , and now the NEW 3" Plantation Blind is also available.  The large vanes gives the customer the shutter look without the shutter price attached.  

Each of our TRUSTED Fauxwood Blinds fabricators are located right here in Florida.  These are NOT the cheap Chinese cut-down version you have seen from the Box Stores or Home Improvement Centers.  There is a huge difference in quality and workmanship.  

DARE TO COMPARE Our Prices on Custom Fauxwood Blinds


Looks Like Wood  

Crown Valance Standard

2 1/2 Inch Vane

Perfect for Damp Applications